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August 10, 2021

RepairQ and TracPoint Present: So, You're Lacking Online Reviews?

So, You’re Lacking Online Reviews?

That’s a problem. Giving customers the confidence they need in order to give you their business is crucial to growing your business in the post 5-star world. Current reviews are even more powerful. Customers want to know what they can expect today — not three, six or nine months ago. 

While you may be understandably caught up in the details of running your business right now, like making sure you stay in business and keep your employees, getting consistent and positive reviews will go a long way to keeping you in business. Not to mention fueling growth.


The Importance of Reviews and Their Impact

  1. Create a strong brand reputation.
  2. Affects your local SEO—the more reviews and engagement you have with your customers, the more likely you are to show up at the top of the local search. Consumers now flock to social media review sites, with more than 90% of consumers saying they will check reviews before any purchasing decision.
  3. Gives you a good reputation which helps with your local staffing and recruiting to validate that your business is a great place to work!
  4. And let’s not forget…an increase in sales! The bottom line is that people shop and spend more with trusted retailers.


The Power of Platform

While there are various sites or apps that customers can use to leave reviews, the top three are Google, Yelp, and Facebook—in that order. Google surpasses all sites by an astronomical margin, with 93% of customer’s reviews being posted there. Yelp and Facebook have a mere 4% and 3% of these reviews respectively. So if there is one takeaway it’s that driving your customers to leave reviews on your Google page will have a significantly higher return. 

Pie chart split into 3 sections: 93% Google, 4% Yelp, 3% Facebook

A Sophisticated Solution 

Provide a way to get feedback that encourages positive reviews. TracPoint’s Revv app allows you to ask for feedback immediately after a transaction takes place. Customers who have a negative experience, if any, are invited to contact you privately so their concerns can be handled right away. They’re less likely to post a negative review if they’re asked to take the conversation offline and provided with great customer service.

With Revv, customers who have a positive experience are asked to submit a review on their review platform of choice based on where businesses direct them. It gives businesses so much more control over the review process! Rather than rely on customers to go and post positive reviews “just because,” Revv actually asks for those reviews and guides customers to the appropriate platform.

RepairQ’s Revv integration creates a seamless way for customers who enjoyed their experience to leave feedback and bolster your online reputation while ensuring that negative feedback is shared in a more actionable forum. But don’t take our word for it, check out this case study with RepairQ customer FruitFixed on how they were able to generate 6x’s more positive reviews per month. If you’re ready to get started with RepairQ or want to find out more about how it goes beyond just being a point of sale, visit our pricing page. 

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May 27, 2021

Payment Processing with RepairQ and Bluefin

If there’s one thing about payment processing that we can all agree on, it’s that it is absolutely essential to running a business. If there’s a second thing we can all agree on, it’s that payment processing can be confusing and complicated. From transaction fees based on things like what kind of business you run, volume of sales, and how you process to the workings and specifics of payment security, choosing a processor is one of the more difficult steps in operating a business. As you may have guessed from the previous two entries in this blog series, Bluefin and RepairQ have set out to alleviate that pain point and give repair store owners and operators a simple and customer-friendly alternative to the minefield of processors they have to choose from. 


Perhaps the biggest advantage RepairQ customers can gain by partnering with Bluefin is the industry-best rate and we aren’t just saying that, we actually negotiated it. When using Bluefin as their payment processor, RepairQ customers are only charged a 1.80% processing fee, considerably lower than the 2.75% industry average. That means more money stays with your business giving you the freedom to spend it where you see fit. 


Money isn’t the only thing you’ll have more of when you partner with Bluefin, though. With Bluefin’s superior security, you’ll have more peace of mind, too. Through point-to-point encryption customer payment data is indecipherable throughout the entire payment process, ensuring no weak points between a customer swiping their card and the payment being accepted. In addition to this P2PE, transparent redirection removes the middle-man when checking for authorizations via the internet, creating faster, more secure payments. If that wasn’t enough, RepairQ also utilizes tokenization, a process that turns sensitive data like credit card account numbers into a random series of characters with no meaningful value, to perform refunds, returns, and recurring billing without the customer’s credit card number.


Maybe the most convenient advantage operators will see from partnering with Bluefin when using RepairQ is the end of swivel seating. That is, there’s no reason to bounce back and forth between two systems to close a ticket as paid for, since Bluefin is already integrated with the rest of your point of sale. Just accept payment and that’s it, transaction over. 


RepairQ and Bluefin have taken note of the struggles repair shop operators face when choosing a payment processor and have worked together to make that difficult decision a no-brainer. The best rates in the industry combined with better security and all around integration make RepairQ with Bluefin an easy choice. If you’re a RepairQ customer that wants to make life easier by switching to Bluefin visit their partner page to get started. Ready to pull the trigger on the most trusted web-based point of sale software built for repair shops? Schedule a live demo with our sales team today! 

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May 5, 2021

RepairQ and Bluefin Present: Payment Security

The Importance of Securing Payments

There are a lot of moving parts when you are running your own business, and one item that many business owners forget about is payment security. This may not seem like a big deal, but the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report reported a cyber-attack can cost a business $200,000, which could mean closing your doors. There are steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

In today’s blog we will discuss the importance of payment security and what you should look for in terms of security and fit when choosing a payment processor. 

To sign up for integrated payments with Bluefin and RepairQ today, visit our landing page.

Payment Security

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), in 2019, 28% of small businesses were involved in a data breach.  To keep your customer’s data safe, take the following steps: 

  • Devalue the data – Sensitive payment transaction data should be devalued as it is being accepted at the point-of-sale (POS) so that it can’t be used to commit fraud.  Data is devalued by using encryption technology.
  • Protect data – All employees who are involved in the payment’s ecosystem should be required to protect sensitive data from compromise.
  • Updated operating systems – It is crucial that your network has all of the latest security updates. Fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to hack into a system.

Choosing the Right Payment Processor

There are a lot of payment processors to choose from, however, not all provide the same services and data protection. Below are some tips on choosing a payment processor:

  • Understanding how the processor will charge you – is it a flat fee or a monthly services fee?
  • Is the processor compliant with PCI PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) regulations? PCI specifies that a merchant’s payment ecosystem must be inventoried, documented and secured. Bluefin is not only compliant with PCI PCI-DSS, we also can make things easier for our customers by reducing the 333 Questions in the PCI SAQ D or ROC to 33 with our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution, provided through RepairQ. 
  • Does the processor offer encryption and tokenization technology? It is necessary to have these solutions in place so that if you are breached, bad actors will not get any valuable information. Bluefin has payment and data security products that will help you “devalue” your customers’ data.

How Payment Processing works with RepairQ 

Check out our next blog, where we will discuss how integrated payment processing works with RepairQ software.

About Bluefin

Bluefin is a leader in providing simple, easy to implement payment and data security products for today’s omni-channel SMB, including mobile, retail, and Ecommerce solutions backed by our PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution – helping to protect all in-person and online transactions. To find out more about our industry-leading payment solutions, contact Bluefin today

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April 26, 2021

ERN is Doing Its Part to Promote Sustainability and Reuse.

The E-Reuse Network is a collaboration initiative for device repair businesses, electronics recyclers, PC refurbishers, and ITADs, along with the organizations that supply these companies with industry-related solutions and services. ServiceCentral supports the reuse, repair, and refurbishment of electronic devices through the RMA process and trade-in tools within our applications. 

As part of our Earth Month celebration, we sat down with ERS President, Sarah Kim, to chat about how she got started and what she’s doing to further the reuse movement. 

The E-Reuse Network is on a mission to help businesses operate more efficiently and save money. Sarah Kim’s passion for reusing electronics started in 1997 when her father started fixing computers in the basement of their family home.. “We were sponsoring a local high school student and found out that he didn’t have a computer at home,” said Kim. Even at that time, student access to computers was crucial to their success. Kim’s father called a friend who worked for a local garbage company and arranged to pick up a “room-full” of discarded computers to refurbish them and get them into the hands of local students in need. 


In 2017 Sarah started her own consulting company that focuses on connecting organizations through ERC, ERN, and some individual consulting services. “There really was no place in the industry where companies could go to learn about and connect with different vendors. ERN put together this network of vendors arranging for referral discounts to be passed on directly to clients to bring the repair, reuse, and refurbishing community together,” said Kim. The goal is to help people reuse as much as possible and we depend on our members to tell us who should be included in the network. We’re always looking to add more vendors to the site. 


The annual E-Reuse Conference is critical to forming these connections and promoting reuse. It’s also another way the organization reduces their footprint in waste. Eliminating printed show guides, using glass cups and silverware instead of paper, and working directly with hotels to do composting allowed us to put on an industry-leading event that was still sustainability-focused.

We talked with Sarah about the steps we can all take to minimize e-waste and why it’s so important to properly dispose of electronic waste and she had the following advice.

What would be your advice to end users who are seeking to minimize their e-waste footprint?

Be creative and reuse as much material in your house as you can. The key is not to let your devices sit in the closet or in the basement at home. The pandemic has forced people to get creative, to start using unused devices for different purposes like schoolwork or to stay in touch with family or friends through video. These old devices can help you connect more and help you draw healthy lines between work and home allowing you to have a separate personal device so you can step away from work while you are at home. Of course, if you have a broken electronic device, the best thing to do is to take it to your local repair shop. And, if you no longer need it, be sure to take it to a certified electronics recycler.

What’s so bad about throwing an old phone or tablet in the trash?

We call them focus materials. Focus materials are in electronics and are harmful to people and the planet. By throwing them away you’re putting yourself, others, and the planet at risk. By recycling them responsibly, you’re making sure our natural resources are preserved and that they’re being handled properly so that they’re no longer harmful.


Are there any steps you take in your own life to reduce your carbon footprint?

A few years ago I installed solar panels on my roof in downtown Chicago. This year I’m looking into composting services. Living sustainably has become a way of life but we can always do better.

Sarah Kim

ERN President

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah is the Director of Marketing for ServiceCentral. In her role, she focuses on creating engaging content and optimizing its delivery to reach people interested in repair and reverse logistics. In her life outside the office, Sarah loves to bass fish and spend time with her two daughters.

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March 31, 2021

Make Sure Customers Know You Exist This Tax Season

Regardless of whether you prefer summer summer sunshine or pumpkins spice in the fall, most everyone’s favorite season, whether they’re willing to admit it or not, is actually tax season. It just so happens that tax season is already upon us. Many Americans (the ones with their lives together who filed BEFORE the May 17th extended deadline) have already received their refund on top of receiving the third round of economic stimulus. With the deadline extension, tax season is even longer for the second year in a row and customer buying power is at a yearly peak. 


However, it’s difficult, if not impossible for customers to spend that money at your repair shop if they don’t know it exists. This is exactly why RepairQ gives users the tools they need to effectively market to customers, manage their reputation on social media and visualize business analytics making growth-based decisions easier. 


With Qsite’s Opportunities, RepairQ’s built-in marketing toolkit, you can share all of your shop’s information, as well as a menu of services, pricing, and even appointment availability via your website. Qsite’s goal is to help you engage your website visitors and, by providing convenience, transparency, and information, you can more easily turn online traffic into foot traffic. 


Bolstering your shop’s website isn’t the only thing you can do to boost in store visitors, though. Social media has become a very powerful tool for customers and businesses alike. A strong social media presence can help build a strong reputation, which is the bedrock for repeat business. With this in mind, RepairQ partnered with Tracpoint and brought their Rallio integration to RepairQ, giving repair shop owners/operators access to tools and resources to help build and maintain social media presence across every major platform. 


Once you successfully establish yourself online, market to potential customers eager to spend their tax returns and convert them into sales, how can you leverage that into future success? RepairQ has you covered there, too, with Business Intelligence. Constantly tracking all the in-and-out movement associated with inventory and sales and compiling it into easy to read dashboards, business intelligence is a built in analytics tool integrated with your POS. Which means there’s no need to learn another platform or try to integrate with a third party app to see important insights about your business. 


Tax season is here and sales are out there. RepairQ gives its customers the tools they need to find users ready to spend and more easily convert them from potential customers to return customers. Don’t miss out on a sales boom by staying with an inferior point of sale system! Make the switch to a point of sales partner that provides a full-fledged solution designed to help you grow your business. 


If you’re ready to get started or want to learn more, visit our plans and pricing page to schedule a 1-on-1 demo today. 

Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.

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March 25, 2021

RepairQ and Bluefin Present: Payment Processing 101

Processing payments is important for your business – after all, it is how you make a living. But have you ever wondered what happens when a customer makes a purchase in your store using a credit card? Do you get confused by the different fees and how they change with different credit card providers? You are not alone; and you don’t have to be lost any longer. Bluefin and RepairQ have created a three-part blog series to guide you through credit card processing, payment security and how to choose a provider. Today’s blog will outline the basics of payment processing, our second blog will discuss the importance of payment security and choosing the right processor, and the final blog will be how payment processing works with Repair Q and the major benefits Bluefin and RepairQ provide. 

To sign up for integrated payments with Bluefin and RepairQ today, visit our landing page.

Transaction Fees

One fee that is charged by your payment processor on each purchase made in your store is a transaction fee, also called an effective rate or a merchant fee. This fee includes the bank interchange fee, the credit card association fees, and the processor fee. 

What affects the transaction fee that you are charged?

  • The type of business. A repair shop has a different fee than a doctor’s office, or a dry cleaner, due to the potential risk (or non-risk). 
  • How you process payments. Processing a payment over the phone versu in person or taking the payment online affect your fee. 
  • The volume of your sales and the average ticket. Volume means the amount of electronic transactions that you process each day (and do not include cash transactions). Ticket size indicates the average size of the order – $10, $100, etc. Both factors will be considered when setting your merchant fee. Generally, the more volume you do, the lower your fee – but don’t over-estimate volume, as you can be penalized by your processor if you come up short on sales.

Why Does American Express Have a Different Fee?

Do you ever look at your monthly statement from your credit processor and are confused why American Express has a different fee than the other cards? There is an easy explanation for this.  Interchange rates are set by the card associations. Interchange is the basic flat fee charged by Visa and MasterCard for credit card/debit card transactions. Visa and MasterCard’s interchange rates are publicly available, but rates for Discover, American Express and JCB are available only through the association directly. Rates will vary by card categorization and by association. The average interchange rate for a credit card payment is around 1.81%, while the typical interchange for debit cards is 0.3%. 

American Express, unlike the other major credit card companies, does not charge an interchange rate, instead they execute a discount rate. The discount rate is composed of a percentage plus a fixed transaction fee. American Express charges fees based on the on the type of business being serviced. In certain situations, like with retail transactions, your discount rate will be 0.30 points higher if it is keyed in and not swiped.

If the card is present or not present, this also affects the rate that you pay. Card present means that the electronic data is captured at the time of sale by swiping the card, dipping an EMV chip, or using contactless payment. All other methods are considered card not present. Cards that are not present have a higher rate than cards that are present due to risk factors.

Choosing a Payment Processor 

In our next blog, we will discuss a bit more about how to choose a payment processor and the importance of security technologies when making this decision. Stay tuned!

About Bluefin

Bluefin is a leader in providing simple, easy to implement payment and data security products for today’s omni-channel SMB, including mobile, retail, and Ecommerce solutions backed by our PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution – helping to protect all in-person and online transactions. To find out more about our industry-leading payment solutions, contact Bluefin today

If you’re ready to get started with RepairQ or want to learn more about how we’re specifically designed to help you grow your repair business, visit our pricing page and sign up for a free 1-on-1 demo.

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March 12, 2021

RepairQ Women in Tech Customer Spotlight

Women working in tech are hard to come by. Women in tech repair are even more so. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 25% of those working in electronic equipment repair and maintenance are women. Anyone working in tech can tell you it takes an agile individual with determination to succeed in the industry. We found an individual like this in Sandra Nunley. Asked to describe her job role in one sentence, Sandra responded that she “provides solutions for the company, employees, and customers.” We caught up with her recently as part of our series spotlighting women in tech. Along with her husband, Sandra owns two CPR franchise stores, one in Savannah, Tennessee and one in Corinth, Mississippi and she manages the bookkeeping, employee relations, customer service, and operations for both.

In her own words


How long have you owned your business?

Since 2014


Who inspired you to go into business?

I had a teacher that really pushed me in high school. She was my accounting teacher and she was really supportive. She made me feel like I was smarter than I thought I was and she pushed me to do more.

What advice do you have for women entrepreneurs?

Just go for it. It’s scary. Especially when you want to have a family, too. Take it one day at a time and keep pushing.


How do we get more girls involved in technology?

Growing up I was never allowed to touch tools. I think making tools available to girls and teaching them to try is the key. My youngest daughter has helped my husband work on cars. Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t do this.


What do you think is the most challenging part of being a woman in this business?

People think you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s infuriating at times. Especially in cell phone repair, they think women are stupid.

Tell us about a past experience you’ve had that has taught you about service.

I’ve learned not to automatically assume with customers. Instead, you have to talk to them and find out exactly what’s going on to be able to explain to them the issue with their device. I’ve learned to listen to people and take in all the information before determining what to do.


According to Aveda IT, as of 2018, women held only 25% of all the jobs in the tech industry, despite women making up almost half of the total workforce. Why do you think women belong in tech and how have you been able to thrive in this space?

One thing I’ve noticed is that women have much better attention to detail. They’re more grateful and more in tune with themselves and how their hands are moving. Women are more attentive to detail and this is a very detail-oriented job. I’ve also learned more about selling. You really have to know your product to sell it and see the value in it. A lot of people don’t see the value in a phone until you break it down for them. It has a lot of value if you’re going to use all those functions.

Women like Sandra inspire and empower us to go the extra mile. We’re proud to work with not just Sandra, but all of the women who have chosen RepairQ as their point of sale and partner. We hope to see more women join the repair industry not only as owners/operators but as technicians, engineers, or any other role where their unique skills and perspective can help push the industry forward. To read more about some of the women who inspire us, check out our ServiceCentral blog spotlighting our own employees.

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah is the Director of Marketing for ServiceCentral. In her role, she focuses on creating engaging content and optimizing its delivery to reach people interested in repair and reverse logistics. In her life outside the office, Sarah loves to bass fish and spend time with her two daughters.

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March 9, 2021

Get to Know the RepairQ and WISE Scholarship Recipients

Chances are, if you’re a cell phone repair shop owner or technician you’re already familiar with WISE™ Certification. The Wireless Industry Service Excellence certification gives retailers and technicians a way to earn customer trust through an accreditation established by industry leaders and experts. In order to become certified, stores and technicians must complete training and education courses on smartphone features, characteristics, safety best practices, data security and more. All of this knowledge culminates in businesses and staff that are more capable of handling both the technical and customer service aspects of repair. 


With this in mind, RepairQ® partnered with CTIA®, the organization responsible for creating the WISE certification, to offer a scholarship program allowing retailers and technicians to become WISE certified free of cost. Scholarships were awarded for single store, multi store and technician applicants based on their responses to a series of essay questions which were reviewed by a group of industry leaders who made the final selections.


With that, we are excited to introduce the first RepairQ and WISE scholarship recipients!

WISE scholarship recipient Kyle MacLeod

We begin with the technician winning entry, Kyle MacLeod, from New Waterford Nova Scotia. Kyle has been repairing mobile devices professionally for 7 years and over the course of nearly a decade has repaired more than 2,500 individual devices. Kyle cited his ever present curiosity for the inner workings of technology as the reason he became a repair tech. When asked to name the biggest contributing factor to his success as a technician, Kyle gave a somewhat unconventional but inspiring answer “Coming to realize that you will never be able to know everything leaves you with so much opportunity to expand and train your skillset and diversify into the unknown. With this you always feel like you have something new to do, and when you find that new niche it’s like a scientific breakthrough…”

The winner of the single store entry was Derek Nunes from PhoneSmart in Sonora, California. When asked why building trust with customers was important to him, Derek said “it’s the foundation of a long-term working relationship.” He went on to say that “in smaller towns like mine, a reputation means a lot more than price for long term success.” Derek serves his community by creating a judgement and cost-free establishment for those who may struggle with basic questions or services like transferring SIM cards or phones stuck in accessibility mode. 

WISE Scholarship Recipient Derek Nunes
WISE Scholarship Recipient Joshua Muir

Finally, our multi-store winner, Joshua Muir, wrote in from Experimax in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. Joshua pointed to the credibility and customer confidence that accompanies WISE certification when asked why building trust is important. “While there are so many stores out there that give the repair industry a great reputation, there are many out there that damage it. We want to push the repair industry to the next level, and there’s no way we can get there without our customers trusting us – period.” Joshua went on to detail the philosophy on developing technicians at his store. He said, “there is no sink or swim mentality. With the right amount of effort and attention, any technician can become proficient.”

RepairQ and WISE would like to offer a tremendous “congratulations” to our winners and an equally tremendous “thank you” to all of our applicants. Many were worthy and selecting just three was no small task. Keep your eyes peeled for future scholarship opportunities. You never know when something like this may roll back around! If you’re interested in becoming WISE certified or want to learn more, visit the WISE website to get started!

Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.

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February 26, 2021

The Next Big Step in Mobile Lending

For most people, cell phones and mobile devices have become more than just a way to keep in touch. Your phone is capable of eliminating the need to carry credit cards, insurance cards, emergency medical information and, in some places, even a driver’s license. Beyond just the necessities, our phones and mobile devices house things that can’t be replaced if they are lost. Photos, videos, conversations, and memories are encased within our devices and, oftentimes, nowhere else. All this is to say that our phones are important to all of us and being without them can be more than just an inconvenience. So what happens when the device containing half of your life breaks and repairs or replacement are outside of your price range? RepairQ’s partner Street Cred seeks to provide a solution to that problem. 


Street Cred is the brainchild of a “team of mobile carrier guys,” as they put it, who grew tired of dealing with predatory lenders. By aggregating multiple lenders and having them compete against each other to provide the best offer, Street Cred has given the leverage back to the customer. Their mission is simple. “…to provide merchants and their customers access to fast and fair lending across the entire credit spectrum.” But, like their mission statement implies, the customer isn’t the only one that benefits from Street Cred. By giving customers better options that enhance their purchasing power, repair shops can become trusted merchants that foster repeat business. Driving increased sales, happier customers and longer customer lifetime value. That returning business, combined with sales that could have been lost without the Street Cred financing offer, can mean a big boost to your bottom line. 


But beyond just an increased bottom line, Street Cred offers something a little extra that has immeasurable value. Street Creed allows repair shops to make good on their promise to their customers. By offering consumer-friendly and non-predatory lending options, repair shops can give customers a reliable, affordable, safe haven to ensure they stay connected. Street Cred takes this commitment to provide fast, fair financing solutions one step further by enabling your customers to apply their lending solutions to repair fees only – without the need to pressure your customers with equipment and accessory upsells to lock in their financing.


If you’re interested in partnering with Street Cred to give your customers the tools they need to take back their buying power, we’d love to hear from you. Follow the link to complete the inquiry form and Street Cred will be in touch. 


If you’re ready to learn more about RepairQ and all the integrations and partnerships that come with it, schedule a demo on our website.

Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.

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February 18, 2021

RepairQ and TracPoint are Bringing Better Social Management to Repair Shop Owners

The power that social media wields when it comes to small businesses is undeniable and can be somewhat overwhelming. Trends and best practices change frequently and what may be considered good strategy one week could become passé the next. RepairQ’s all-in-one POS software seeks to alleviate this pain point by integrating the Rallio social media solution from our partner, TracPoint. 


Rallio gives users the ability to manage all of their social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yelp and Google from one central login. Perhaps, even more powerful than a single set of credentials, is the fact that Rallio also allows you to manage the social media for multiple locations as well. Everything from content posting to individual performance for a single location or multiple stores can be tracked and viewed in the same place. 


With the necessity of managing multiple shops in mind, Rallio also features a central content library, allowing for creation, storage, and distribution of social media content. The content library allows users to share content to all stores, a group of stores, or a specific store and gives them the ability to set different levels of access within an organization giving sales staff the ability to create content on their smartphones to share across the brand. Considering the average employee has, on average, around 348 followers it’s easy to see how powerful their endorsement can be when it comes to social content. 


But all of this utility is hardly useful without the ability to analyze the data and spot trends, which is why Rallio also includes robust reporting features. Users are able to see analytical data for every location including:

  • Followers 
  • Engagement
  • Check-ins 
  • Reviews 
  • Brand reputation and more! 

All of this data allows for business owners to confidently adjust strategy and planning for a single location, multiple locations, or the entire brand based on performance or necessity. Plus, with the ability to see exactly how you stack up to your competition, you’ll have everything you need to turn social media from a stressor to a pleasure.


If you’re ready to jump head first into a better repair-centric point of sale with best-in-class social media management, visit our pricing page to get started with RepairQ! Schedule a demo with one of our industry experts and make the switch to a solution that gives you the tools necessary for success! 


Already a RepairQ customer? Fill out the TracPoint inquiry form and a social media expert will be in touch to walk you through a social media analysis including recommendations for best practices. 

Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.

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