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April 29, 2019

Reorganizing Repair: How RepairQ is Helping Managers Organize and Standardize Their Shops

Coffee shops and custom t-shirt boutiques have no idea the pains that repair stores experience in organizing and maintaining an ever-growing catalog of things to sell. Imagine hundreds of obscure pieces of equipment to repair, multiplied by dozens of services offered for each, not to mention tens of thousands of potential parts needed to complete one of these multitudinous jobs. Exhausted just attempting the math? Imagine running the store.

Local service and repair have both grown exponentially over the past decade, and with it, the ever-expanding range of equipment, types, and variations. RepairQ has been closely following these repair industry trends, creating unique tools that help organize and standardize how shops organize and do business.

“Two decades ago, we simply didn’t have that many options. Technology was limited and consumers weren’t accustomed to the choice range they have today,” explains James Schellhorn, RepairQ Co-founder and Product Creative Director. “It’s easy to see the trends in mobile electronics, like cellphones, which grew from a dozen models to thousands; but look at consumer transit equipment as another example. The options in the 80s were a handful of bicycles, motorcycles, and mopeds releasing every few years. Now we have new things releasing every holiday, including obscure variations of electric scooters, skateboards, the list goes on.”

Organizing services and parts in a repair shop has been virtually impractical in conventional point of sale software, like Square, leaving some shop managers with few options but to simplify by selling a handful of generic services and abandoning customized pricing based on actual cost and effort. And using niche repair tracking software (RepairQ included, James admits) has been tedious, to say the least.

James continues, “We know managing a repair shop has been time-consuming, and we, like many in the industry, have straddled the line between doing it fast and doing it right. However today, we are excited to announce a new alternative!”

Hinted at in our post last week, RepairQ has created a new method of organizing equipment for repair, including categorizing all types, manufacturers, models, and variations. From there, creating an association of parts and services by compatible relationship. And to finish it off, our new platform provides the means to bundle common services and parts together.

For repair shops, this is groundbreaking. Imagine a shop experience where your equipment is identified by “pick and pecking” choices on a tablet. As things like make, model, and problem are identified, you instantly see a consolidated list of solutions and prices. If one is selected, all applicable parts, services, and required tests and workflows can follow, ensuring the job is done right.

“To top it off, RepairQ’s solutions for organizing repair shops can be applied to virtually any category of equipment. We’ve built our reputation on the complexities of cell phone and electronic repair, but anything from music equipment to automobiles can be easily organized and sold with RepairQ,” James states.

These and other repair shop solutions are on schedule to be released this spring of 2019. To track the latest announcements, follow RepairQ at For more information on how RepairQ can organize and transform your repair business, visit

James Schellhorn

James Schellhorn is the CBDO of ServiceCentral Technologies and leading Creative and Marketing Director at RepairQ. A connoisseur of the finer things in life, James enjoys spending time at the gym, tasting craft beers, and appreciates a well-prepared cheese board.

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March 27, 2019

RepairQ POS brings repair shops online to provide consumers real-time service quotes and scheduling

We are about to drop one of our biggest releases in over a year. This week, we announced that we will be expanding our web-based POS to include multiple powerful new features, including omnichannel tools for online shopping and scheduling of in-store services; and we call it Qsite Opportunities. Simply put, it will provide retailers a simple way for their consumers to find store locations, browse products and services, get instant pricing, reserve online, and schedule appointments for in-store pick or service.

“We are incredibly excited to offer this new Qsite service,” said James Schellhorn, CBDO and Creative Director of Products. “Retailers that buy, sell, trade, and repair consumer goods have distinct needs in omnichannel that have simply been overlooked with conventional technology before now.”

While consumer demand has shifted primarily from in-store to online for goods sales, local service has continued to flourish. This trend is driving demand for omnichannel services for everything from browsing menus of products and services, to ordering online with pickup and pay in-store options. Regardless of where the consumer demand shifts, RepairQ hopes with these new advancements that they will not only help retailers respond to recent consumer shifts, but also offer more dynamic services in the future.

Schellhorn further explains, “We plan to bring a whole suite of omnichannel services to repair shops and retailers over the next year. In-store quotes, reservations and appointments are just the tip of the iceberg.”

We foresee the future of service to include everything from in-store, in-home, and even service on-the-move, and we plan to continue bringing more tools and innovation to businesses that plan to stay ahead of consumer demand.The date of RepairQ’s next release including Qsite Opportunities, has not been confirmed yet, but is expected to land in late April.

Jared Warren

Ol’ Jared is the Digital Marketing Manager for ServiceCentral Technologies. He is the lead copywriter for all digital content related to both ServiceManager and RepairQ, and enjoys spending his time outside the office dedicated to his passions of competitive gaming, reading, and his wife Rachel.

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WASHINGTON – CTIA, the wireless industry association, today announced a common industry-wide standard for evaluating pre-owned wireless devices. Established by CTIA’s Reverse Logistics and Service Quality (RLSQ) Working Group, the voluntary standard is the first of its kind to be introduced by companies representing the full wireless ecosystem, including device suppliers, wireless operators, insurance companies, logistics, parts suppliers and repair organizations.

“This collaboration by America’s wireless industry will make the grading of wireless devices more straightforward and consistent,” said Tom Sawanobori, CTIA SVP and Chief Technology Officer. “The standard will help create uniformity in the pre-owned device marketplace to better meet the needs of consumers and the larger wireless industry.”

Companies involved in repairing, refurbishing or redistributing wireless devices and their parts may use the standard to grade the condition of a mobile device. This will create more predictable device repair and trade-in experiences for consumers and retailers alike.

CTIA’s RLSQ Working Group convenes members representing the entire reverse logistics community to address industry challenges, set certification standards for technician training and device grading and develop requirements for service facilities and retail service excellence.

“Bringing consistency to the used device grading process is a significant development to support a predictable and quality customer experience,” said Martin Fijman, SVP Product and Supply Chain at Sprint.

“Establishing an industry grading standard for devices benefits the entire industry,” said Asurion Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain, Amy Orem. “We applaud CTIA for pulling together industry leading companies to develop a standard that will help ensure consistency and clarity.”

More information on the CTIA RLSQ Working Group and the new wireless device grading standard is available here.

What’s new with RepairQ?

Opportunities Management, New Integrations, UI Updates, and More!

Spring is in the air and RepairQ is hitting the ground running with a brand new release, which features the first batch of Opportunities related functionality, user interface improvements, new promotions, and much more!

Opportunities Management Suite


Tracking relationships is essential in developing and maintaining your sales process. In the past, RepairQ users could only track one or two structured types of relationships, like a Customer. Now with Contacts, you will be able to create and track a whole new type of relationship, assign custom tags to them (like lead or prospect), attach quotes and appointments to them, and convert them to a Customer after their first sale. Contacts, just like Customers, can be searched, attached, tracked, and reported on.


With RepairQ 1.15, you are now able to create quotes for customers and leads, print or email them, and then convert quotes into tickets after they are accepted. A quote has all of the features of a “regular” sale/repair/trade-in ticket with a few minor differences:

1) Inventory is not consumed.

2) Quotes are not included in revenue reports.

Converting a quote to a working ticket is a one-click process, and inventory stock is pulled at the time of conversion. Quotes can have their own workflows, leveraging the ticket status system to track progress, and the automated notification rules can be configured specifically for quotes.



“When would you like to come in?” Now with appointment scheduling built into RepairQ, you can book appointments for customers and leads, create new tickets from appointments, and track your upcoming appointments on an easily accessible calendar view.

Appointments are created with the customer’s request and device information so that when the customer checks in for their appointment, creating their ticket for service is a push-button process. You can also create a new lead record in the process of booking an appointment, so if the appointment does not convert, you retain the customer’s information and device info in the leads list so that you can perform targeted marketing.

Appointment notifications are configurable, including appointment reminders, and you can keep track of appointment statuses and resolutions with the customizable status system.

Managing your appointment calendar rules is highly customizable, and it honors your store hours, holidays, time slot durations, concurrent appointments allowed, and more.

User Interface Improvements

We’re excited to announce that starting with Release 1.15, RepairQ will be upgrading its User Interface! You will notice a fresh new look starting to unfold, beginning with Appointments, Contacts, and Company Settings, along with a few global elements.

If you want to read more about these improvements and the future of the look of RepairQ’s UI, click here!

Pricing Plan Changes + Billing Page Updates

We have also restructured our pricing plans. We won’t ever force you to switch because our goal is to continually empower our users, and this is no exception. Simply put, you can keep your Standard or Enterprise plan for life. Don’t change until you are ready.

We are now offering three simple plans that each effectively fill industry needs for every stage of business. Users are included in the base price, and we are also adding options for annual pricing and special incentives that will save you money over time (up to 20% off).

Check out all of the new pricing plans and promotions on the pricing page.

Settings Localization

Managing large organizations is now much easier, and you can configure specific settings for local and regional differences.

  • Combined Global/Company and Location Specific Settings
  • Location Specific Settings
  • New Catalog Local Overrides
  • Catalog Scope Global/Company vs Location

Enterprise Management

Managing large organizations is now much easier by allowing users to configure specific settings for local and regional differences.

Pervacio Integration

RepairQ is integrated with one of the industry’s leading electronic diagnostic tools. Pervacio runs comprehensive automated and semi-automated tests, and provides a comprehensive report with test results as well as suggestions for improvement to areas like battery life. RepairQ pulls report data via device serial number and saves it into a new custom form field type which you can add and enforce with our powerful custom forms system. This gives you the ability to save, view, print electronic test results for any RepairQ sale, repair, refurb, or trade-in.

Warranty Life Bundle Offers

Working with Warranty Life, RepairQ automates the process of selling a new advanced protection offering for the industry.  Through our integration with Warranty Life, you can now offer three new bundle offers to your customers and you can display and/or promote them directly through Qpop with the latest release! When a warranty bundle offer is available for a device repair or sale, the offers are displayed to the customer on Qpop so that the customer can follow along with the pitch.

MyCoolCell Integration

A new purchase order integration is available with MyCoolCell in RepairQ! The integration supports purchase order building through live stock checking and pricing, and placing an order from RepairQ purchase order is a push-button process.

MobileSentrix Integration

A new purchase order integration is available with MobileSentrix in RepairQ! The integration supports purchase order building through live stock checking and pricing, and creating a shopping cart with MobileSentrix from RepairQ purchase order is a push-button process. Status updates from MobileSentrix are pushed back to RepairQ so you can stay on top of status updates, shipments, and more!

Everything Else Coming in 1.15

Our newest release is brimming with other updates, features, fixes, and improvements that aren’t listed here. Read more about the switch location feature, Accounting Journal improvements, tax-inclusive pricing, new integrations, and more on our Knowledge Base article here.

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January 10, 2018

Title of Blog Post Here

A Tulsa-based software company, RepairQ, is merging with ServiceCentral Technologies to improve the quality of life for small business owners around the globe.

Traditional brick-and-mortar retail is evolving every day and small, local businesses are  painfully realizing that it’s time to adapt or slowly slip into obscurity. RepairQ and ServiceCentral have banded together to make that overwhelming concept a bit less daunting by equipping retailers, who see the potential of device repair, with the tools and resources to connect big brands with local consumers.

Local brick-and-mortar retailers suffer year over year in an ever-changing market where the customers’ focal point is no longer the product, but rather the service experience. However, one industry that isn’t floundering is the device repair industry. Why is that? A study shown by SquareTrade explains that one in three smartphones will either encounter repairable hardware issues or become damaged over the period of their usage. That, paired with the increased cost of consumer electronics over the past five years, encourages consumers to hold onto their devices for longer periods of time, which in turn positively affects repair industry growth. Even Dish Network has started to branch out from its traditional satellite installation offerings by offering a delivery-based device repair service.

The cell phone repair industry is booming, with an estimated 4 billion in revenue last year and an expected three percent increase by the end of this year. The merge between RepairQ and ServiceCentral is embracing and harnessing that growth to help OEMs, like Apple and Samsung, connect with more local, authorized repair companies. If fact, Apple has recently announced they are expanding the availability of it’s “Horizon” machine to more authorized repair centers. Not only does this help the brick-and-mortars with their supply chain network, but it also supports the end user by providing a cost-friendly and convenient alternative to OEM specific retailers, like the Apple store. According to an article in the Economist, “Authorized dealers are often far-flung, much more expensive than independent ones and often cannot fix a problem.”

“Authorized dealers are often far-flung, much more expensive than independent ones and often cannot fix a problem.” 

RepairQ and ServiceCentral’s partnership is focused on alleviating those issues for both customers and the local brick-and-mortars servicing them. Every two seconds, somewhere in the world, a smartphone breaks, cracks, or malfunctions. iPhone users alone have spent 14 BILLION dollars repairing their devices over the past ten years – and that’s ignoring the opportunity cost of travel, time, and energy! Our goal is to influence the market by enabling any level of business in the retail space to compete with the “big guys”.

This merger enables shops to simplify their processes required to offer repair services and their ability to serve consumers more quickly with OEM services, saving them (and their customers) time, effort, and money. For the many manufacturers of consumer electronics, this access to local retailers is unprecedented and brings proximity to end users like never before.

“For the many manufacturers of consumer electronics, this access to local retailers is unprecedented and brings proximity to end users like never before.”

As the repair industry continues to grow and the world’s reliance on consumer electronics deepens– people will need access to high skilled repair services and the original manufacturers will want more control over how their devices are repaired. As recent history has shown, the retailers who see the writing on the wall and make the moves to adapt to an evolving industry are the ones who will be left to serve the needs of the consumer.


Jared Warren is the Digital Marketing Manager for ServiceCentral Technologies. He is the lead copywriter for all digital content related to both ServiceManager and RepairQ, and enjoys spending his time outside the office dedicated to his passions of competitive gaming, reading, and his wife Rachel.

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RepairQ Release 1.13.10 is packed with fixes, updates, and improvements – check it out!

✓   Purchase Order Updates

✓   Ticket Item Search Optimization

✓   Phone Number Formatting on Tickets

✓   Inventory Valuation Reports – Inactive Catalog Item filter

✓   Supplier RMA #

✓   Inventory Lock System

✓  Inventory Count Sheet – Inactive Catalog Items

✓   Productivity Report Export

Purchase Order Updates

Purchase orders received a number of updates designed to help you process and track POs even faster.

New Statuses

New statuses were added to help track shipping and receiving easier.

  • Shipped = When an internal PO has been completely fulfilled from the supplier location
  • Partially Shipped = When an internal PO has been fulfilled in part
  • Partially Received = When a PO has been only partially received

Auto Reconciliation

When receiving a PO in full, RepairQ will ask if you want to move the PO to the reconciled status automatically.

Receiving Zero Items

RepairQ will no longer permit you to receive zero items so that the “received” status is not misleading.

Supplier RMA #

We added a new “Supplier RMA #” field to RMA batches where you can note the RMA # that the supplier provides.

Ticket Item Search Optimization

Ticket item searches are now considerably faster, and in most cases return results in less than 0.5 seconds!

Inventory Lock System

Inventory added to a ticket will be immediately reserved system-wide. If the item is removed or the ticket is abandoned without saving, then the item will become available again. This adds an automated system for preventing double-use of an item, while releasing the item automatically in the event the item is not used.

Phone Number Formatting on Tickets

The customer’s phone number on tickets displayed an unformatted version, but now it will display formatted according to your locale (as it does elsewhere in RepairQ).

Inventory Count Sheet – Inactive Catalog Items

Inactive catalog items will no longer be recognized by the scan/search to add counts on the inventory count sheet.

Inventory Valuation Reports – Inactive Catalog Item filter

Inactive catalog items will now be excluded from results by default, and inactive items can be included in the results by setting the “Include Inactive Catalog Items” filter.

Productivity Report Export

The “Repairs by Tech” productivity report export was dropping digits after commas. This has been resolved.

Custom Forms Settings

We now prevent configuring a “before leaving status” of “closed” or “void,” because it could cause trouble with closing a return.

Inventory Import

We now throw feedback errors when you try to import inventory under a non-inventoried catalog item.

QBO Integration and Editing Catalog Items or Item Types

If you had the Quickbooks Online Integration enabled at one location, but not others it could prevent you from editing the catalog item. This has been resolved.



ServiceCentral & RepairQ merge to bring expanded software solutions for mobile and consumer electronics service organizations.

sct plus rq merger

This originally appeared on:

ATLANTA, GA – Today, ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc. and RepairQ announced their merger and integration of their respective software products to greatly expand solutions for warranty and repair service providers.  The combined companies, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, will have a global reach of over 500 customers with users in over 100 countries.

ServiceCentral is a leading software provider for managing enterprise service operations for OEMs, carriers, and authorized service centers. RepairQ is the leading software provider for retail repair service management. Together, they will offer an end-to-end service network solution for enterprises managing post-sales service operations from the initial customer touch points through final service resolution.

“We can offer a connected warranty support network to organizations that need more localized service fulfillment”

Steve Teel, SCT CEO

This new alliance will bring expanded service network solutions, along with combined resources, to OEMs, carriers, and other enterprises. It will also enable them to leverage the broad reach of retail ‘brick-and-mortar’ storefronts to offer warranty fulfillment directly to their customers.

“With the combined experience and solutions of RepairQ and ServiceCentral,” Steve Teel, President & CEO of ServiceCentral states, “we can offer a connected warranty support network to organizations that need more localized service fulfillment, helping them connect with their consumers by proximity with a faster, more efficient warranty service.”

“We have long envisioned connecting the growing retail repair industry to enterprise networks needing to improve their service to consumers,” RepairQ CEO James Schellhorn continues. “We believe the retail channel holds a huge advantage based on proximity and personal service to streamline warranty fulfillment, and are excited to innovate a solution that brings the greater industry closer to the consumer.”


Over the coming months, RepairQ and ServiceCentral plan to announce a series of software innovations and combined services that will draw their respective industries closer together.

For more information regarding the service plans of the new combined company or to explore the potential of connecting post-sale service to local retail, interested parties are encouraged to contact ServiceCentral at or RepairQ at


About ServiceCentral

ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc. provides Enterprise Service Management solutions that dramatically increase operational efficiencies and visibility while positively improving the customer experiences. Established in 1992, ServiceCentral streamlines and automates repair, RMA, warranty, and other critical reverse logistics processes with proven and configurable workflows and systems. Enterprise clients of all sizes – mid-tier through Fortune 100 – supporting high availability products and systems rely on ServiceCentral to optimize their service operations and improve customer loyalty and profitability.  For more information on ServiceCentral, please contact or 404-870-7070.


About RepairQ

RepairQ is a SAAS product, developed by BrickWire LLC, that is used by retail networks domestically and internationally to manage retail sales and repair service operations. Since 2003, BrickWire has provided web applications consulting & development services & solutions in a number of industries and verticals. In 2011, BrickWire launched the retail repair industry’s first comprehensive business management software, RepairQ. Today RepairQ offers a software suite uniquely built to manage the daily operations of a growing network of storefronts. For more information on RepairQ, please contact or 877-230-6317.


REPAIRQ CONTACT                                                                SERVICECENTRAL CONTACT

James Schellhorn, CEO & Creative Director                              Steve Teel, President & CEO

Phone: (918) 615-9610                                                                        Phone: (404) 870-7070

Email:                                                      Email:

**If you would like to read the official press release, please click here.**

An open letter to RepairQ customers.

RepairQ’s mission has always been to help retail repair and service businesses be more organized, more efficient, and more profitable. It’s more than our job. It’s our passion. Over the past seven years, RepairQ has grown from a tiny, fledgling software company within the mobile retail repair industry into a game-changing titan. Our constant feature updates, brilliant support specialists, and attention to our customers’ desires have all worked together to bring us to where we are today. There are unique problems facing repair and many service-based retailers that conventional retail management solutions simply overlook – creating a nice position for RepairQ moving forward. While certain software have found success in highly niche service channels like restaurant, beauty and wellness, home mechanical, auto, and computer repair, very few have taken a clear lead to improve retail operations across multiple service channels. This is where RepairQ is headed: to expand beyond the cellular repair channel and provide a platform highly applicable to a broader repair and service retail market.


Why would RepairQ expand into alternative markets?

The cellular repair niche, along with the service category itself, is diversifying. It’s rapidly adapting, especially in the consumer product categories of personal electronics. It’s highly likely retail services will continue to broaden, where unique specializations are replaced with broader applications covering most high-value property. These retailers will rely more on integrated tools, on-the-fly knowledge, referral networks of specialists, and industry partners to provide consumer traffic. This will require software to help automate, integrate, and manage.


We also believe that while the US retail economy is shrinking, the local service and repair channels of retail are positioned to not only survive the current decaying retail trend but actually grow. Much of this growth will come from the diversification of traditional retailers looking to maintain profits and relevance in an omnichannel consumer world.

While RepairQ has been wildly successful in a healthy channel, we have a vision for growth in a broader market and recognize our need for more robust back-office service management and reverse logistics.


How does merging with ServiceCentral change RepairQ?

Consumer demand for local service offerings by national retailers, OEMs, telecom providers, and other consumer services will be a catalyst for retail repair and service in the next five years. It is likely that by 2020, most remaining traditional US retailers will add and position premium service options at the local level. For example better omnichannel returns and exchanges, improved warranty support, and enhanced delivery services. These trends will expand the need for software solutions focusing on customer intake, service transaction management, disposition and reverse logistics. RepairQ is positioned to support customer intake and service transaction management in self-contained, retail-service models. We would need to invest substantial resources to develop the tools to add and support the addition of disposition and reverse logistic services. ServiceCentral thrives and holds an equally impressive reputation in this realm.


RepairQ and ServiceCentral share a vision.

ServiceCentral’s customer base, reach, and influence expands well beyond cellular repair into computers, automotive, and several other key categories. This allows for rapid adaptation of RepairQ to be engaged into new areas. ServiceCentral’s relationships and connections in these categories could be the catalyst we need to quickly expand into other channels they currently support.

Our strategic relationship with ServiceCentral will open the gates to formerly untouchable markets, and along with their vast network of diverse clientele, ServiceCentral will be supportive in consistently providing our existing markets with an end-to-end solution. RepairQ, in combining with ServiceCentral, has a unique opportunity to not only meet the challenges of retail diversification and partner connectivity but also is afforded a chance to bridge the technology gap between retail and reverse logistics more effectively than anyone else.

This evolution in RepairQ will bring some incredible opportunities to our customers and our commitment to you has never been stronger. You have always been our focus and creating the best retail management software has been our driving goal. As always, your input is invaluable to us as we continue development on RepairQ. Please let our team know of any questions or concerns. Thank you for joining us on this journey and I’m excited to see how we grow together.

If you would like to read the official press release, please click here.

Love, James

We’re super excited to announce that the first of several big releases this summer and fall for RepairQ is here! Keep reading for an in-depth look at the awesome, feature packed 1.13 release.



RepairQ® 1.13 is Here! 

We're super excited to announce that the first of several big releases this summer and fall for RepairQ is here! Keep reading for an in-depth look at the awesome, feature packed 1.13 release.



Customer Service Site


Qsite is the newest companion app to the RepairQ family that provides your business with a customer service site. A whole suite of features are planned for Qsite this year! Coming first in 1.13, Qsite will provide your customers with public-facing tools to review their ticket details, status, and notes.

Four ways to use Qsite

Send customers directly to your turnkey, mobile-friendly Qsite page hosted by RepairQ.

Embed Qsite objects into a webpage on your website to control placement and style. (available upon request)

Use our APIs to build your own integration using Qsite data. (available upon request)

Insert your dynamic Qsite shortcode in automated messaging to your customers via email and SMS.


Point of Sale Improvements


We are excited to announce that our point of sale is receiving many improvements this summer & fall! Several new features have been designed to reduce the amount of time for processing tickets. Release 1.13 introduces two brand new features designed to reduce the time it takes to sell an item and the time it takes to take a payment. 

Auto-add Scanned Items


Quick Cash Buttons


Features Testing in a Closed Beta*

QuickBooks Online Integration

Quickly export accounting files or sync with QuickBooks® Online to migrate the essential daily records your bookkeeper's needs.

Accounting Journal

Classify, Export & Sync


RepairQ's new Accounting Journal makes importing daily journal entries to your accounting software much easier! Classify accounting data including revenue, COGS, Inventory consumed, tax liability, trades, net receipts, and deposits. Read more about the Accounting Journal Reporting here OR follow these steps to set up the integration now!

Match RepairQ accounting data with your accounting system's chart of accounts, so that consolidated exports can be quickly prepared.

Export commonly importable file formats on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, with all locations together.

QuickBooks Online users can sync RepairQ's Accounting Journal with QBO to automate importing of journal records.

*To ensure this feature's success, it will be released first to our Beta user group for testing, real-world use, and feedback before release to all RepairQ users. Not a Beta user? Don't worry it will only take a few days to notify you as soon as it's ready!

Want to become a Beta user on this or future releases? Click below to join the ranks!

Apply for BETA

Your Voice is Valuable

Discuss releases, industry topics, and make suggestions for new features!

Knowlege Base


Ask a Tech


Not using RepairQ yet?

Get access to Qsite and all the other great features of RepairQ today!

Share your experience using RepairQ with us and influence future developments!