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April 26, 2021

ERN is Doing Its Part to Promote Sustainability and Reuse.

The E-Reuse Network is a collaboration initiative for device repair businesses, electronics recyclers, PC refurbishers, and ITADs, along with the organizations that supply these companies with industry-related solutions and services. ServiceCentral supports the reuse, repair, and refurbishment of electronic devices through the RMA process and trade-in tools within our applications. 

As part of our Earth Month celebration, we sat down with ERS President, Sarah Kim, to chat about how she got started and what she’s doing to further the reuse movement. 

The E-Reuse Network is on a mission to help businesses operate more efficiently and save money. Sarah Kim’s passion for reusing electronics started in 1997 when her father started fixing computers in the basement of their family home.. “We were sponsoring a local high school student and found out that he didn’t have a computer at home,” said Kim. Even at that time, student access to computers was crucial to their success. Kim’s father called a friend who worked for a local garbage company and arranged to pick up a “room-full” of discarded computers to refurbish them and get them into the hands of local students in need. 


In 2017 Sarah started her own consulting company that focuses on connecting organizations through ERC, ERN, and some individual consulting services. “There really was no place in the industry where companies could go to learn about and connect with different vendors. ERN put together this network of vendors arranging for referral discounts to be passed on directly to clients to bring the repair, reuse, and refurbishing community together,” said Kim. The goal is to help people reuse as much as possible and we depend on our members to tell us who should be included in the network. We’re always looking to add more vendors to the site. 


The annual E-Reuse Conference is critical to forming these connections and promoting reuse. It’s also another way the organization reduces their footprint in waste. Eliminating printed show guides, using glass cups and silverware instead of paper, and working directly with hotels to do composting allowed us to put on an industry-leading event that was still sustainability-focused.

We talked with Sarah about the steps we can all take to minimize e-waste and why it’s so important to properly dispose of electronic waste and she had the following advice.

What would be your advice to end users who are seeking to minimize their e-waste footprint?

Be creative and reuse as much material in your house as you can. The key is not to let your devices sit in the closet or in the basement at home. The pandemic has forced people to get creative, to start using unused devices for different purposes like schoolwork or to stay in touch with family or friends through video. These old devices can help you connect more and help you draw healthy lines between work and home allowing you to have a separate personal device so you can step away from work while you are at home. Of course, if you have a broken electronic device, the best thing to do is to take it to your local repair shop. And, if you no longer need it, be sure to take it to a certified electronics recycler.

What’s so bad about throwing an old phone or tablet in the trash?

We call them focus materials. Focus materials are in electronics and are harmful to people and the planet. By throwing them away you’re putting yourself, others, and the planet at risk. By recycling them responsibly, you’re making sure our natural resources are preserved and that they’re being handled properly so that they’re no longer harmful.


Are there any steps you take in your own life to reduce your carbon footprint?

A few years ago I installed solar panels on my roof in downtown Chicago. This year I’m looking into composting services. Living sustainably has become a way of life but we can always do better.

Sarah Kim

ERN President

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah is the Director of Marketing for ServiceCentral. In her role, she focuses on creating engaging content and optimizing its delivery to reach people interested in repair and reverse logistics. In her life outside the office, Sarah loves to bass fish and spend time with her two daughters.

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March 12, 2021

RepairQ Women in Tech Customer Spotlight

Women working in tech are hard to come by. Women in tech repair are even more so. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 25% of those working in electronic equipment repair and maintenance are women. Anyone working in tech can tell you it takes an agile individual with determination to succeed in the industry. We found an individual like this in Sandra Nunley. Asked to describe her job role in one sentence, Sandra responded that she “provides solutions for the company, employees, and customers.” We caught up with her recently as part of our series spotlighting women in tech. Along with her husband, Sandra owns two CPR franchise stores, one in Savannah, Tennessee and one in Corinth, Mississippi and she manages the bookkeeping, employee relations, customer service, and operations for both.

In her own words


How long have you owned your business?

Since 2014


Who inspired you to go into business?

I had a teacher that really pushed me in high school. She was my accounting teacher and she was really supportive. She made me feel like I was smarter than I thought I was and she pushed me to do more.

What advice do you have for women entrepreneurs?

Just go for it. It’s scary. Especially when you want to have a family, too. Take it one day at a time and keep pushing.


How do we get more girls involved in technology?

Growing up I was never allowed to touch tools. I think making tools available to girls and teaching them to try is the key. My youngest daughter has helped my husband work on cars. Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t do this.


What do you think is the most challenging part of being a woman in this business?

People think you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s infuriating at times. Especially in cell phone repair, they think women are stupid.

Tell us about a past experience you’ve had that has taught you about service.

I’ve learned not to automatically assume with customers. Instead, you have to talk to them and find out exactly what’s going on to be able to explain to them the issue with their device. I’ve learned to listen to people and take in all the information before determining what to do.


According to Aveda IT, as of 2018, women held only 25% of all the jobs in the tech industry, despite women making up almost half of the total workforce. Why do you think women belong in tech and how have you been able to thrive in this space?

One thing I’ve noticed is that women have much better attention to detail. They’re more grateful and more in tune with themselves and how their hands are moving. Women are more attentive to detail and this is a very detail-oriented job. I’ve also learned more about selling. You really have to know your product to sell it and see the value in it. A lot of people don’t see the value in a phone until you break it down for them. It has a lot of value if you’re going to use all those functions.

Women like Sandra inspire and empower us to go the extra mile. We’re proud to work with not just Sandra, but all of the women who have chosen RepairQ as their point of sale and partner. We hope to see more women join the repair industry not only as owners/operators but as technicians, engineers, or any other role where their unique skills and perspective can help push the industry forward. To read more about some of the women who inspire us, check out our ServiceCentral blog spotlighting our own employees.

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah is the Director of Marketing for ServiceCentral. In her role, she focuses on creating engaging content and optimizing its delivery to reach people interested in repair and reverse logistics. In her life outside the office, Sarah loves to bass fish and spend time with her two daughters.

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February 18, 2021

RepairQ and TracPoint are Bringing Better Social Management to Repair Shop Owners

The power that social media wields when it comes to small businesses is undeniable and can be somewhat overwhelming. Trends and best practices change frequently and what may be considered good strategy one week could become passé the next. RepairQ’s all-in-one POS software seeks to alleviate this pain point by integrating the Rallio social media solution from our partner, TracPoint. 


Rallio gives users the ability to manage all of their social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yelp and Google from one central login. Perhaps, even more powerful than a single set of credentials, is the fact that Rallio also allows you to manage the social media for multiple locations as well. Everything from content posting to individual performance for a single location or multiple stores can be tracked and viewed in the same place. 


With the necessity of managing multiple shops in mind, Rallio also features a central content library, allowing for creation, storage, and distribution of social media content. The content library allows users to share content to all stores, a group of stores, or a specific store and gives them the ability to set different levels of access within an organization giving sales staff the ability to create content on their smartphones to share across the brand. Considering the average employee has, on average, around 348 followers it’s easy to see how powerful their endorsement can be when it comes to social content. 


But all of this utility is hardly useful without the ability to analyze the data and spot trends, which is why Rallio also includes robust reporting features. Users are able to see analytical data for every location including:

  • Followers 
  • Engagement
  • Check-ins 
  • Reviews 
  • Brand reputation and more! 

All of this data allows for business owners to confidently adjust strategy and planning for a single location, multiple locations, or the entire brand based on performance or necessity. Plus, with the ability to see exactly how you stack up to your competition, you’ll have everything you need to turn social media from a stressor to a pleasure.


If you’re ready to jump head first into a better repair-centric point of sale with best-in-class social media management, visit our pricing page to get started with RepairQ! Schedule a demo with one of our industry experts and make the switch to a solution that gives you the tools necessary for success! 


Already a RepairQ customer? Fill out the TracPoint inquiry form and a social media expert will be in touch to walk you through a social media analysis including recommendations for best practices. 

Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.

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February 16, 2021

RepairQ and CTIA announce scholarship award recipients for WISE™ Certification

CTIA and RepairQ announced the recipients for the WISE Certification scholarship program launched in November. Three recipients were awarded scholarships based on their responses to essay questions focused on building customer trust, employee mentorship, and community involvement.

2021 WISE Certification Scholarship Recipients

Derek WISE scholarship recipient

Single Store
Derek Nunes
Sonora, CA

Joshua Muir
Experimax Franchisee
West Palm Beach, FL

Kyle WISE scholarship recipient

Kyle MacLeod
MacLeod Digital
Nova Scotia, CA

WISE Certification was created in response to those repair shops and technicians looking to stand out in a crowded industry–those who wanted not only to meet the Wireless Industry’s standards, but to exceed them and provide consumers with service they can trust.

“I was happy to see all the interest for this scholarship and could tell our panelists had a really tough decision to make,” said James Schellhorn, Co-Founder of RepairQ.

“The answers to the essay questions by those that participated echoed the WISE mission. Each applicant spent time telling us why it’s important to you to become certified and why your community deserves a trusted tech hero.” said Michelle James, Vice President of Strategic Industry Programs at CTIA.

RepairQ and ServiceCentral have been involved in the WISE Certification program since day one, working with industry leaders, OEM’s, carriers, and peers to improve the standards of the Wireless Repair Industry and to provide repair shop owners and technicians with the tools and practices to be best in class.

Even if not chosen for the scholarship program, applicants are invited to seek WISE Certification. WISE is offering $150 off the Technician Level 1 program to get started, with promo code: WISESCH0LAR. Visit to register today.
If you would like more information about WISE Certification, please contact

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah is the Director of Marketing for ServiceCentral. In her role, she focuses on creating engaging content and optimizing its delivery to reach people interested in repair and reverse logistics. In her life outside the office, Sarah loves to bass fish and spend time with her two daughters.

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January 12, 2021

RepairQ® Takes the Stress Out of Inventory Management

A recurring theme within RepairQ is the idea of combining multiple systems or processes into a single solution. Inventory management can be a time consuming, albeit essential, component of running a repair business. What you do and do not have on hand might be the difference between earning and losing business as well as great or mediocre customer experience. With this in mind,RepairQ created an inventory system unique to the management of accessories, equipment, and parts; giving users a way to track on-hand inventory within the same system they use for repair tickets.

Inventory management within RepairQ starts with setting up your catalog. Your catalog is a comprehensive list that includes all of your services and the items you keep in inventory for each of your locations. The catalog also provides structured lists available throughout the application. Once your catalog is created, you can start tracking inventory for each location or even globally, across multiple locations. Bottom line: when it comes to getting new inventory into stores, RepairQ provides an easy way to create, manage and advance purchase orders, making your life easier.

One of the most useful features of RepairQ’s inventory management system are the custom reorder points that can be set for each inventory item. Set up a reorder point for any item and it will automatically track and appear in the dashboard and in the reorder suggestion screen. Setting up intelligently defined and well-thought out points makes it easier to identify and restock items before the need becomes dire.

Another incredibly valuable feature in RepairQ’s inventory toolbox is Supplier SKUs. When you set up items in the catalog using your brand’s custom SKU system and naming conventions, you can control scanning, counting, and much more. But you can also add each of your suppliers’ SKUs to your items eliminating the need to replace their inventory labels when you receive orders. Simply add the SKUs to your catalog items and you can scan their barcodes at the point of sale or during inventory counts. This not only saves time (read: money), but improves efficiency and reduces errors.

Inventory management isn’t only about on-hand counts, however. Succinct and meaningful reporting is just as essential to your repair shop’s success, which is why RepairQ includes a series of easy to read reporting options. Reports like inventory usage, valuation, and shrink provide you with a better understanding of item movement and cost.

With the recent 1.17 update, we took easy inventory navigation a step further by giving the user the ability to filter catalogs based on a variety of definitions, making it quicker and easier to find items. Filtering options include:

  • Keyword – Allows users to search by one or more keywords that match catalog item name, SKU, UPC or supplier
  • Location – Shows results for all, or specified locations
  • Manufacturer – Includes the option for custom manufacturers as well as those provided by default
  • Supplier – Features similar customization options to the manufacturer filter
  • Plus many more…

This summary only scratches the surface of what RepairQ’s inventory management can do. If you’re interested in consolidating your workflow and making life easier for everyone in your organization with a better repair shop POS, reach out to one of our industry experts. Book a demo to get started with RepairQ today!

Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.

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November 16, 2020

RepairQ Announces WISE Certification Scholarship Program

If you’re in the business of cell phone repair, you know the responsibility that comes with the job. The cell phone has become a lifeline for consumers and, when they break, we want them fixed by someone we can trust. But how do you, as a repair business or technician, prove your experience, dedication, and knowledge to your potential customers? The same way more than 1,200 repair shops and over 6,000 technicians already have–through WISE Certification.

‘Mobile devices are the center of our lives. Consumers seek trusted cell phone repair providers to fix devices. That’s you.’

WISE Certification is an accreditation developed by a group of industry leaders to give repair business owners and technicians a means to earn consumer confidence through a recognized program. It includes training and curriculum on smartphone features and characteristics, safety best practices, warranties, data security, and more. The investment in certification pays off through enhanced reputation, advanced skills, and improved consumer trust resulting in increased business. And now, thanks to RepairQ and WISE, repair businesses and technicians alike have an opportunity to earn this cell phone repair certification at no cost.

The WISE Certification scholarship program is open to any business or technician doing mobile device repair. The program includes three scholarships; one for an independent technician, one for a single location repair shop and one for a multi-location business. Scholarships will be awarded based on applicants’ answers to a series of essay questions. A committee of industry leaders will then review submissions (excluding any identifying information) and make selections based on the responses.

The deadline for applications has been extended to December 31, 2020.

“Education and professionalism are essential for improving our industry. We believe that the WISE program is one of the best options available to achieve certification. It’s also an investment and we recognize that. We partnered with WISE to put together this scholarship program so that certification is more accessible to more people, said James Schellhorn, Chief Business Development Officer, RepairQ.”


To apply, please visit our dedicated scholarship page. Applications take about ten minutes to complete and can’t be saved once started so be sure to set aside plenty of time to complete the application before you begin. For questions, contact WISE at

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah is the Director of Marketing for ServiceCentral. In her role, she focuses on creating engaging content and optimizing its delivery to reach people interested in repair and reverse logistics. In her life outside the office, Sarah loves to bass fish and spend time with her two daughters.

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October 28, 2020

ServiceCentral Announces Completion of SOC 2 Compliance

ServiceCentral’s RepairQ® joined the ranks of elite SaaS companies in achieving SOC 2 attestation, adding audited confidence to its already solid system of controls and internal processes. The CPA firm Aprio provided the AICPA audit, specifically tailored for service providers that process and store customer data in the cloud.

“Every company that stores sensitive data has a responsibility to its customers to take every measure to secure their information, prevent data theft, and implement controls. Data breaches  are common and can devastate both businesses and consumers. RepairQ is committed to taking every measure we can to protect them,” said Jeff Foster, Chief Technology Officer for ServiceCentral.

The announcement comes during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) presented by CISA and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) who are encouraging “individuals and organizations to own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace, stressing personal accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity. NCASM emphasizes, ‘If You Connect It, Protect It,’ a theme ServiceCentral can relate to as they work to expand ServiceNetwork™, SC’s ecosystem of manufacturers, third party authorizers, insurers, service providers and depots. SC is working to connect organizations so they can do business smarter while giving consumers more flexibility when getting devices repaired.

RepairQ is a comprehensive point of sale, repair tracking, and business management solution developed specifically for the mobile device repair industry. RepairQ focuses on automating your daily operations and is constantly adding new features and qualified integrated partners.


About ServiceCentral Technologies Inc.

ServiceCentral software helps track the service needs of millions of products around the world. Through our products, RepairQ, ServiceManager, and ServiceNetwork; we support thousands of businesses, managing each stage of a product’s life after-sale, from manufacturing and insurance, to depots and service centers.

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah is the Director of Marketing for ServiceCentral. In her role, she focuses on creating engaging content and optimizing its delivery to reach people interested in repair and reverse logistics. In her life outside the office, Sarah loves to bass fish and spend time with her two daughters.

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September 22, 2020

Create a Cohesive Check-out Experience With QPop™

The point of purchase is the most important square-footage within the walls of any storefront and can greatly impact the overall customer experience. The final stop on a customer’s journey and, with a little luck plus a lot of great customer service, it is a place they may find themselves again and again when the necessity arises. So, when it comes to a repair business, what could possibly be more useful than a tablet-based point-of-purchase app that communicates with the ticket and workflow management software that’s already in use? Probably nothing. 


This is precisely what Qpop aims to deliver. An intuitive, tablet-based application that is networked and synced with your existing RepairQ point-of-sale information and built using standardized web technology, making it compatible with most iOS and Android devices. In addition to communicating with RepairQ to make transactions as transparent as possible, Qpop provides both business owners and customers with beneficial features. 

First, idle screen ads and promos allow repair shops to showcase what’s new in the store, loyalty programs, or lucrative add-ons like warranties. Next, the ticket summary allows the customer to follow along with the salesperson as they build the ticket creating transparency and opportunities for engagement. Also, Qpop delivers custom forms and waivers–necessities for businesses to gain additional customer insight but also to minimize liability. Finally, with e-signature capture, the customer signs directly on the device. 


  • Idle screen advertisements and promotions
  • Ticket summary, allowing the customer to follow along as you walk them through the parts and/or services in their transaction
  • Custom forms and waivers 
  • E-signature capture 

In addition to these benefits, there are a host of new features in the pipeline for Qpop that will make it an even more robust solution when it comes to customer engagement at the point-of-purchase. Things like warranty sales promotion, receipt preference and even the ability for customers to enter their passcodes or patterns, providing a more secure way to communicate sensitive information. Plus, Qpop is available for all RepairQ users regardless of their subscription level. 


Best of all, Qpop, like so many of RepairQ’s features and tools, is entirely customizable to your business and easily implemented. Here’s a quick how-to: 


  1. Navigate to the location settings
  2. Click the “Set-up a Qpop Companion” button
  3. Give your companion a name, location and brief description for easy identification
  4. Drag and drop your desired images to the idle screen and ticket summary screen 


Qpop offers a host of features for businesses to interact with their customers at the point of purchase and it delivers these features at a critical moment in your customer relationship. Including Qpop in your store’s strategy can improve customer loyalty, customer engagement and make your business stand out from your competition. Already a RepairQ customer? Get started with Qpop here >> 


Interested in learning more about how you can grow your business with RepairQ? Contact us today.


Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.

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September 2, 2020

Bring Your Data to Life with RepairQ’s Business Intelligence Reporting Features

Ask any business owner what they want to see year after year and you’ll get one answer: growth. Without relevant data and analysis, however, there is no path to growth. What if the point-of-sale and workflow management software you’re already using could compile real-time data for your business and present it in visually striking and easily digestible formats? This is exactly the power RepairQ gives business owners with its Business Intelligence features.

As you use RepairQ, it records and tracks the monumental amount of data it is being fed and compiles it within a series of dashboards. From on-hand assets, to net sales, to new tickets and a host of other industry KPIs that you can use to gauge the health of your business and forecast the future, RepairQ’s business intelligence gives you everything you need to make the adjustments that result in lower expenses, higher sales and bottom line growth.

The report builder tool gives users the ability to make custom reports and visualize their most relevant data. By using the data and growth metrics most applicable to your own organization, you can make decisions that are tailored to achieve your business’s unique objectives. The report builder also gives you the ability to apply the different data visualization models to the personalized data, taking the customization a step further. Not only will you see the data that makes the most sense for your business, but you can present it in a way that makes the most sense as well.

What is all this data and customization worth if you aren’t able to easily share it with the people that help drive growth decisions? We thought of that too, which is why Business Intelligence reports are exportable in multiple formats allowing the data to be easily uploaded to other systems or shared with those in your organization who stand to gain the most by viewing and understanding it.

There are countless applications that can turn raw data into meaningful visualizations, but another app is the last thing you need. Business intelligence is an integral part of RepairQ, built directly into the POS so there is no need to purchase, learn, and maintain an additional application. Plus, there’s no other system that knows your business like RepairQ. It knows your inventory, your sales, your ticket queue, your customer list and it turns these numbers into valuable insight showing you your best days to spend ad dollars, when your part costs are trending up, or if your employees are struggling to complete jobs within a given time frame among any number of other metrics that can help simplify processes and charter internal and external growth.

Get started with RepairQ’s Business Intelligence today and take the steps necessary to bolster your presence and achieve your goals.


Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.

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August 26, 2020

Company Rolls Out RepairQ to Improve Customer Experience

HARTLAND, Wis., Aug. 24, 2020 — For customers at Batteries Plus Bulbs’ more than 700 stores across the country, the cell phone and tablet repair service they depend on is becoming an even smoother process thanks to RepairQ®. The software, which was created by ServiceCentral®, will help Batteries Plus Bulbs’ expert technicians provide an enhanced experience.

With RepairQ, technicians can log details and repair information about each customer’s device, creating a customer history that can be referenced every time the device needs service. The software helps to ensure that Batteries Plus Bulbs’ technicians receive the most updated technical information about devices. RepairQ also allows Batteries Plus Bulbs to pull reporting on technicians for quality assurance purposes.

“We’re excited RepairQ will enable us to provide an ever-higher quality of repair service for our customers,” said Scott Williams, CEO of Batteries Plus Bulbs. “In today’s increasingly virtual world, we rely on our smartphones and tablets for so much. Our improved device repair service will help make sure your devices are back up and running as soon as possible.”

Batteries Plus Bulbs’ technicians also participate in the Wireless Industry Service Excellence technician certification program from CTIA, the trade association for the U.S. wireless communications industry. The program educates and tests wireless device repair technicians on industry-recognized standards, certifying those that meet the highest standards for service quality and technical skill.

To learn more about Batteries Plus Bulbs’ device repair services, visit To learn more about ServiceCentral and its suite of software serving the after-sales service market, visit

About Batteries Plus Bulbs:
Batteries Plus Bulbs, founded in 1988 and headquartered in Hartland, WI, is a leading omni channel retailer of batteries, specialty light bulbs and phone repair services for the direct-to-consumer and commercial channels. The retailer also offers key programming, replacement and cutting services. Through a nationwide network of stores, the company offers a differentiated value proposition of unrivaled product selection, in-stock availability and customer service. Batteries Plus Bulbs is owned by Freeman Spogli, a private equity firm based in Los Angeles and New York City. For additional information, visit

About ServiceCentral:
ServiceCentral provides software that empowers its customers to track, manage, and service millions of products in the world. Our solutions support a broad range of partners within a product’s life including manufacturers, insurers, as well as thousands of service providers. For more information, visit

SC Logo - Team

ServiceCentral Team

The ServiceCentral team brings innovation and experience in the reverse logistics and service industries to explore topics related to business, technology, repair, reuse and recycling. To get in touch with us or to provide topic ideas, please contact

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