From capturing electronic signatures to offering the latest in security for chip and PIN, the PAX S300 equips your stores with essential retail features, all secured through Bluefin’s P2PE validated by PCI™.

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Accepts EMV chip transactions on day one

Capable of accepting NFC payments — To be announced soon*

Capture electronic signatures & store electronic receipts

Networked for multiple computer connections

Supports P2PE encryption & tokenization validated by PCI™

Removes fraud liability on card-present EMV transactions

Compatible with Qpop™ point-of-purchase app

Accepts these forms of payment:



*More payment types coming soon.

plusother models available upon request

greaterTechnical specification and device support

Improve your security & enhance the payment experience.

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Yes. You will be able to capture an electronic signature with a payment and display it on receipts.

The use of an EMV terminal only removes liability for card-present EMV transactions disputed for fraud-related reasons.

These options are coming soon.  The device can support those payment types, however, the PayConex Gateway is undergoing final certification in order to support contactless / NFC.

The PAX S300 device costs $334.00. This price includes key injection and shipping.

You can pay for the device via ACH or credit card over the phone with Bluefin’s support team once the order is received and confirmed with the P2PE custodian on the merchant account.

After payment for your new device is collected, your device will be provisioned at BlueFin’s security center and shipped directly to your store – This typically takes 2 weeks.

For merchants using an SREDKey, you are already being charged P2PE fees and their current rates will not change.

The PAX S300 is a networked device, and your point-of-sale computer/device must communicate with it over your local network. You will need to connect the PAX S300 with an ethernet cable to your local network (usually to a router, access point, or wifi bridge). The device also communicates directly with the payment processor, so it must have internet access.

Because this is a networked device, any number of point-of-sale terminals may use the PAX S300 to process payments, and you do not need a device for each point-of-sale terminal.


The all new customer facing point-of-purchase companion app.