What can RepairQ do for you?

Our team is constantly striving to provide features that align industry needs, functionality that fits your workflow, and efficiency that drives profitability. We are a trusted partner, helping hundreds of companies, from single locations to national franchises, more easily manage and optimize their daily operations.


Sell and trade inventory items like new, used, and refurbished devices, while tracking customer information and securely processing transactions.

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Trade customer owned items for retail, services, store credit or cash; refurbish items, and resell them tracking real COGS & profit.

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Easily monitor devices as they move through each stage of your unique check in, repair, quality assurance, and pickup process.

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Create, manage, and edit invoices, apply payments across multiple tickets, or review invoice account reports with real-time updates.

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Streamline your checkout process and reduce accounting errors with secure transactions with our trusted partner Bluefin Payment Systems.

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Manage your location more effectively with these advanced reporting and management tools.

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Utilize tools built to manage your retail, customer owned and parts inventory more effectively; and ensure you always have stock when you need it.

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Connect with your customers on a new level by leveraging RepairQ’s service offerings. Automate communications, dictate target marketing strategies, and more!

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Partners & Integrations

Check out the awesome individuals, groups, and organizations who have helped contribute to the success of the RepairQ platform.

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