Streamline POS Checkout.

Integrated payments streamline your transactions and cut down customer checkout time!

Integrated Payments

3rd Party System

One simple in-app swipe

Average transaction time

Average transaction time

Consolidate & Automate.

Integrating payments in RepairQ eliminates manual entry & multiple systems.

Integrated Payments

3rd Party System

End of day reconciling

One central app

Improve Customer Experience.

Integrating payments significantly improves your customers' experience.

Customer Checkout & Electronic Signatures

Integrating payments greatly improves customer experience at checkout, through a qualified credit card terminal or RepairQ's Qpop™ tablet app, customers can see payment details & sign electronically for payment!

Industry leading security.

RepairQ payments leverage PCI™ top security standards taking our software out of PCI scope & virtually reducing yours to an annual survey.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

P2PE encrypts card data at the terminal so no clear-text data is ever used. P2PE is the gold standard for card data security deployed to virtually eliminate the risk of large card data breaches at the POS & unlike other providers that claim to have P2PE, our solution is PCI-validated & publicly listed on PCI's registration site.

Transparent Redirect

Transparent Redirect allows RepairQ to process credit/debit card and ACH authorizations via the Internet without cardholder data passing through your system.


Tokenization enables RepairQ to perform refunds, returns, and recurring billing without the customer card number.

Powered by BlueFin®

Bluefin Payment Systems works closely with RepairQ to bring it's customers the most secure payment technology, dedicated service, and wholesale rates available on the market.

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