Purchasing customer owned items for refurbishment & resale is a unique business model that is often awkward or impractical in other retail software. RepairQ empowers our customers with powerful tools to trade at the point-of-sale, capture waivers, track state mandated hold times, refurbish purchased items & measure the real cost of goods & profits when reselling!

✓ Add customer items & trade values in POS
✓ Trade customer items for retail on your shelf
✓ Leverage store credit & keep more cash
✓ Refurbish items & track COGS
✓ Add purchased items to inventory

Trading with Qpop™

With Qpop, RepairQ's point-of-purchase app, show customer trade balance & capture waivers.

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RepairQ is flexibly priced to meet your current needs as well as help accommodate your growing business over time.

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