Over a decade ago, we opened a small development shop focused on building powerful applications. For years, we honed the craft of coding and sharpened our understanding of sales, marketing, fulfillment and business management.

After years of supporting a diverse range of clients with software solutions, we set out to build something of our own. We surveyed select opportunities in energy, health, manufacturing, and retail, when we recognized our strong connection with the retail sector of the wireless industry.

“We’ve been building robust, enterprise web apps for over 10 years.”

The massive influx of touch screen devices in the mid 2000’s, coupled with their cost of repair versus replacement, presented a great opportunity. We recognized that the industry would experience explosive growth as thousands of retailers opened new doors to facilitate repair of this new (and damage-prone) class of technology products.

Having done our due diligence, we felt confident in our ability to provide a technology solution where none existed. We knew we were able to build a first rate system to help these retailers manage their daily operations, while scaling our platform to meet the demand that would be placed on them.

“RepairQ was built specifically for the mobile device repair industry.”

It seemed the perfect fit for us and presented a challenge worthy of our pursuit and investment. So, driven by our desire to continue innovating and our encouragement in the pioneering spirit of mobile device repair, we went to work studying the industry. Our research involved interviewing dozens of trending stores, franchises, and vendors. Not stopping there, we sent top level employees to become certified technicians at a reputable cell phone repair training school to ensure we understood every angle. After several years of building, testing, and refactoring; we launched the cell phone repair industry’s first, comprehensive, business management software, RepairQ (2012).

“We don’t repair phones. But we know the industry.”

Today, our team is constantly striving to provide features that align industry needs, functionality that fits your workflow, and efficiency that drives profitability. We are a trusted partner, helping hundreds of companies, from single locations to national franchises, more easily manage and optimize their daily operations. We continue to keep our heads to the ground, anticipating industry trends, listening to our customers, and collaborating with key consultants in the industry to ensure RepairQ continues to be the trusted choice for software in the mobile device / cell phone repair industry.

“We release features and improvements, informed by customers and industry leader feedback, on a continual cycle.”