Integrated Supplier Purchasing

Mobile Defenders, a “one-stop shop” for all mobile repair business needs, is heavily focused on customer satisfaction. Not only do they sell replacement parts and tools, but they also offer solutions for other aspects of your repair business, such as a broken screen buyback program, a pre-owned devices program, premium accessories through a full integration with VoiceComm, 30-day (or more) payment terms, and a full integration with RepairQ.

✓ Efficient, Stress-free One-stop Shopping

✓ Dedicated Support Staff for Personalized Customer Service

✓ Lifetime Warranty for Regular Replacement Parts

✓ Extremely Diverse Range of Available Parts/Services

Why Mobile Defenders?

“Mobile Defenders is the best parts dealer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Every single facet of the process is handled with expertise and attention to detail. They live and breathe the professionalism required to support the largest of repair outfits, and can still handle the needs of even the smallest businesses without alienating their clientele. From pricing to support and everything in-between, in my opinion Mobile Defenders leads the industry! Thanks for all your time and effort MD! Keep up the stellar work!”
– David Cessna

Ready to simplify your inventory?

Together, Mobile Defenders & RepairQ help support your repair business's growth.

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