Enterprise Post-sales Management

ServiceCentral is the leading software provider and consulting firm for managing enterprise service operations for OEMs, carriers, and large repair/refurbishment depots. RepairQ® has joined forces with ServiceCentral to provide a connecting service between OEMs and other industry partners with retailers to support direct-to-consumer service programs, called ServiceNetwork™.


Through deep integrations with ServiceNetwork, RepairQ retailers can easily connect with key industry partner systems to meet compliance and reporting requirements as well as leverage warranty validation, location matching, appointment scheduling and service resolution remittance requirements.

Why ServiceCentral?

ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc. provides Enterprise Service Management solutions that dramatically increase operational efficiencies and visibility while positively improving the customer experiences. Established in 1992, ServiceCentral streamlines and automates repair, RMA, warranty, and other critical reverse logistics processes with proven and configurable workflows and systems.