Point-Of-Purchase Tablet App for RepairQ® POS

Qpop enhances the point-of-purchase experience during customer intake and checkout for retail, buy/trade, repair or service business models by instantly engaging your customers, supporting your sales process, & collecting customer feedback.

Best of all, Qpop is conveniently built on standard web technologies and networked to sync with RepairQ, allowing you to utilize this companion app on most iOS and Android tablets!

Qpop Customer Interactions

Promote and Advertise


Qpop can be loaded with promotional content including images or videos for use during unique points of customer interaction! While Qpop is idle, it can rotate full-frame advertisements. During specific customer interactions, Qpop adds sidebars for ad placement supporting last minute offers & up sells.

Qpop Live Ticket View


Customers can review retail, repair, service & trade details as you create their tickets. The Qpop ticket view provides a list of sale items with payments, price & totals; helping increase customer trust through transparency as well as supporting service authorization.

Qpop Card Signature View


Retailers using an integrated credit card processing can go 100% paperless by including an electronic signature request on Qpop for credit card payment authorizations.

More interactions are coming soon! Stay tuned...


Contact Info Verification

Your customers will be able to see their contact information and verify that it has been entered correctly into the system.


Device Passlock Capture

Your customers will be able to enter their passlock codes or patterns directly into Qpop for electronic storage & recall.


Warranty Sales Promotion

Retailers using RepairQ’s Warranty Sales integration will be able to extend Warranty Sales offers to customers on a new Qpop screen.


Receipt Preference

Allow your customers to select whether they would like their receipt as a physical copy or emailed to them.

Qpop + Card Payments

You are missing out If you have not added integrated credit card processing! You can capture electronic signatures, go paperless & offer the full Qpop customer experience!