Integrated Payments

From capturing electronic signatures to offering the latest in security for chip and PIN, the PAX S300 equips your store with essential retail features, all secured through Bluefin®, the same P2PE connection you’ve come to trust.

customer using Bluefin payment system
customer processing their credit card and confirming their purchase with a signature on a payment terminal
  • Accept EMV Chip Transactions
  • Capture Electronic Signatures and Store Electronic Receipts
  • Support P2PE Encryption
  • Compatibility with Qpop™, RepairQ®‘s Customer Facing Point-of-Sale App

Why Bluefin?

Bluefin Payment Systems offer several key solutions to complex business issues. P2PE, or Point-to-Point Encryption help keep cardholder data secure within RepairQ. Transparent redirection removes the middle-man when checking for authorizations via the internet, creating faster, more secure payments. Finally, tokenization enables RepairQ to perform refunds, returns, and recurring billing without the customer’s credit card number.